Sunday, 23 February 2014

Do Body Tattoos Help you to Express Yourselves?

What greater way to express yourself in the hippest means possible than with body art and tattoos? Of all the modes of trendy body decorations, tattooing is probably one of the most common. The knack of tattooing has been around since the olden times. Its purposes then ranged from self-expression to body decoration to protection of self from bad spirits and bring in good tidings. In present periods, purposes for having tattoos are not that varied. Cross tattoos, for instance, may function as a religious tattoo or it may just be a design the person opt to decorate himself with.

Lasting tattoo designs vary according to tradition, religious affiliations, gender, or personal tastes and selections. Dragon tattoos are more usual among Asians because Western culture don't worship the dragon symbol as much as Asians do. Nevertheless, Westerners now seem to be thankful for dragon motifs, and it's fast becoming one of the more in demand tattoo art. Fairies as well as flower tattoo decorations, on the other hand, are in general selected by females as well as the effeminate rather than men. Yet numerous tattoo ideas transcend sex. Flower tattoos, tribal, sun and star tattoos are only a couple of the countless tattoo designs that is so popular among girls and boys alike.

Various tattoos have different symbolism for a variety of people. Religious tattoo designs such as the famous Celtic cross tattoos, praying hands, doves, as well as other sacred signs and icons are simply among the few. Sun tattoos together with other forms may also have religious significance depending on what the person believes in. A number will opt to have signs representing something about their ideology, while some may select to have words and phrases scribbled in ancient text with meanings that transcend body ornamentation.

Some tattoo designs possess a deeper, more complex meaning. A couple of tattoos are meant to bring in good luck, ward off bad spirits, or something that has an association with the person's cultural and family background. Irish tattoo designs such as four-leaf clovers, the Celtic cross, shamrock, etc., are related with luck as well as great fortune; while tribal forms such as the more common tribal sun tattoos might be a traditional thing. Dolphin tattoo , another ultimate favorite, while they can be recognized as a Celtic design, are also considered a Chinese yin-yang sign representing harmony as well as balance. 

However, the art of tattooing are not merely for the religious individuals or those who value their culture, beliefs, as well as family history. Fashion and pop culture are the existing reasons behind the present popularity of body tattooing. Mystical tattoos, flower tattoos, animal as well as tribal tattoos to name a few are somewhat common today. They may not imply anything to the individual but they certainly are striking accessories which, at the same time, showcase their preference in fashion and their nature to the others. A sophisticated design such a tiny bunny on the shoulder or the elaborate design found at the lower back can tell a lot. Tattooing is one of the best forms of self-expression; it also connotes liberty.

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